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Welcome to the New Season, the Powder Umbrella!

As the days get shorter and the temperature colder, we welcome back more of those lovely rainy days. Some of you may know that the Powder HQ is based up in the (not so sunny) Scotland, so it seemed silly not to introduce umbrellas to our new collection.

Please give a warm welcome to the Forest Hare, Autumn Stag and Paisley Umbrellas! In three of our beautiful Autumn/Winter prints, you’ll be able to brighten up any rainy day with these unique designs. We felt we’d seen too many dull and dark umbrella designs, and when your style is as bright as ours, you can imagine we were pretty pleased when we got our hands on these colourful umbrellas!


These beautiful, old-fashioned walking umbrella's come with a wooden handle and an automatic release. Not only are the prints in our signature Powder colours, but they’re also in prints that feature in this seasons scarf collection. So if you ever feel like matching your umbrella with a scarf, now is your chance!

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