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Store Style: Missy Magpie

Do you know that it’s been a whole three years that the fabulous team at Missy Magpie have been located on the quaint road of Lint Riggs in the bustling town of Falkirk? To help celebrate, they had some fantastic deals and offers available, highlighting some of their most popular and well-loved products! The team at Powder couldn’t help but jump on a train and get ourselves involved in the festivities, meeting Kathryn and Laura, having a lovely little chat while browsing through the store and writing up this little blog post!

As it’s their third Birthday (and all things are best done in threes) we decided to break this blog post up by highlighting three of our main product ranges that they stock; including our fabulous Printed Scarves, Sunglasses, and Ankle Socks.


Which of our Printed Scarves from our Spring/Summer 2019 Collection is your favourite? We simply love how the team at Missy Magpie have been able to merchandise their stock, wrapping and knotting the scarves around to fully show off the colours and prints. With the weather taking lots of ups and downs this season, they're perfect for when you need to brighten up your cosy jacket, or if you're protecting you shoulders from the rays of sunshine! 


As both Missy Magpie and the team at Powder are based up in Scotland, we're no stranger to having blistering cold winds one moment, and blazingly bright sunshine the next! Therefore, if you're anything like us, you'll always keep a pair of sunglasses in your bag! Don't you just love the floral detail surrounding them? It's all in the details!


Who doesn't love a cute and quirky Ankle Sock? Whether its something to add to your own personal collection or if you're looking for the perfect gift - the extra soft bamboo fabric will have you and whoever else wanting to come back for more! Which pair is your favourite? Our magical Dancing Elephant or Unicorn? Maybe our Pansys have caught your eye, equally so our Flamingos are always a safe option too!

You know what else goes with Powder Socks? Shoes by RubyShoo! We loved collaborating with them in the past, and were delighted to see their designs looking beautifully displayed in Missy Magpie too!


Not only does Missy Magpie sell our fabulous Powder accessories, they also stock a wide array of handbags, shoes, jewellery, and some specifically fabulous gifts too! If you're ever in the Falkirk area, be sure to pop in and say hello!