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Spring Florals with Melanie Rae

It’s hard to deny that spring is in the air; waking up to sunshine streaming though your window while hearing the early sounds of bird song long before your alarm has the chance to go off. There is no doubt that this is the season that I wait for, enjoying your morning coffee while admiring a freshly cut bouquet of flowers, both of which help to invigorate the senses. Of course, I’m in a terribly lucky position – as not only do I get to enjoy the fresh florals of the season, I additionally get to browse and be inspired by the latest Spring/Summer 2019 Collection by Powder. As you may have noted from my previous blog, I had started the new year off as one of their Brand Ambassadors and a selection of items from their previous season – styling three outfits for three different occasions. It’s always lovely to get wrapped up in Powder accessories, having their bright, bold colours and prints rejuvenate your winter wardrobe! If you thought that their Autumn/Winter Collection was something to be excited for, you should see some of the new items they have in stock!

I was particularly drawn to their Printed Scarves, it’s one of the items that they are most known for, always managing to design things in a fresh new way, whether that is through changing up the colour palate or adding a bold new print! This season, it seems as if Lisa has truly embraced the florals of springtime that I love so much! From the Lily Print that I had admired on one of their advertisements, to the Poppy Print – taking something regular and making it more unique – blending an array of colours together and guiding you to pair together items that you would perhaps never think of pairing before!

To help celebrate the brand new season, I decided to model three of their Printed Scarves; the Chrysanthemum Print which comes in a beautiful pink and damson shade, their Tulip Print in Mustard (which is additionally beautiful in Burnt Orange), as well as the classic Powder Summer Floral Print in a Slate tone – you may have seen it in a Turquoise too! To make it a bit more interesting, the team at Powder also suggested pairing each of the scarves with their real life counterparts – when it comes to fresh flowers, how could I possibly refuse?


The Chrysanthemum flower is daisy-like with a typically yellow center and a decorative pompon, they are said to symbolise optimism and joy – perfect for starting off your day with. Did you know, that in Japan, there's even a "Festival of Happiness" to celebrate the Chrysanthemum flower each year? As the Powder Chrysanthemum Printed Scarf comes in shades of damson, pink, cream and a touch of mint, I decided to match it to a similar colour palette.

I thought that the lilac wool coat would help set off the bold colour and print of the scarf, making for a fabulous base in order for it to truly stand out. The cut of the coat was quite classic and square, giving a hint of the 1960s – which I love for something different. Due to this, I decided to pair the outfit with a pair of the Audrey Sunglasses – they come in a stone and candy mix – bringing everything together and really giving a sense of that classic 1960s style! The fact that the frames are rounded and oval in shape allows for it to contrast well with the coat, finding the right balance and finished off perfectly with the scarf.

Out of all of the Printed Scarf and flower combinations I think that this one truly matches the best with its real life counterpart, as you can see from the images – the colours used in the scarf are almost identical to the ones of the Chrysanthemums.


Tulips are a personal favourite of mine; they’re not too elegant, too romantic, too big, too small, or too bright; the tulip is always just right! In my eyes, the tulip is like a favourite pair of jeans or freshly-baked cookies in that the meanings of tulips express genuine coziness and comfort in all of the right ways! The Tulip Printed Scarf from Powder comes in two different colours, one in Mustard and the other in a Burnt Orange. As the coat has yellow weaved throughout it, I decided to match the Mustard scarf rather than the Burnt Orange.

Again, I think that I’m drawn to the slightly more classic Sunglasses that Powder have in stock this season. The Pamela Sunglasses come in Tortoiseshell as well as Cream and Taupe, due to my colouring, I always think that darker tones work better for me. I especially like the cat-eye shape of this particular pair, again, it’s a classic style that Powder manage to do so well!  

In both the Tulip Scarves, I love how the bright pinks and purples are evident in both. I think this scarf is a great way to add a touch of colour to your outfit, especially if you don’t usually wear bright colours or prints. I just love how the mustard yellow tones of the scarf come together with the pinks, exactly matching both the real life tulips as well as the beautiful Powder paisley bag.


If you’ve not seen the Powder Summer Floral Print yet you are truly missing out, the Printed Scarf that I am wearing is actually in a Slate shade, whereas you may be more aware of the stunning Turquoise colour – as it shows up in a bag, trainer socks, a jacket, as well as the other printed scarf! This last look is a true burst of colour, starting with the scarf and finishing with the flowers!

While I may not be wearing the Summer Floral Printed Scarf in Turquoise, I did decide to go for the Kelly Sunglasses in a Turquoise shade! I’ve heard from the Powder team that these have been one of their most popular pair of Sunglasses already and I’m not surprised! Their colouring is unlike any other and the round and comfortable shape would work well on a range of faces.

The large flowers of the Printed Scarf bring together the beautiful candy pink colours, with mint, mustard, blues, and fuchsia blushing through it. It’s the ideal scarf for getting you in the mood for summer, throwing it on in the morning and having a new sense of freshness to your look! I think that when the weather gets a bit warmer, you could equally dress it up by draping it over your shoulders, ideal for sitting out and enjoying a drink in the sunshine!   

As always, its been an absolute joy to work with the Powder team! They always manage to put things together in a well thought out and consistent way, having their designs perfectly match the clothing and accessories used. Which of the three looks have been you favourite? Are you inspired to treat yourself, or perhaps you’ve got your mind on gifting for a friend or family member? I hope that you have a truly marvellous start to springtime, with fresh flowers and new Powder accessories to help brighten up your day and freshen up your wardrobe!

Our Brand Ambassador, Melanie Rae, has always had a flare for style, working as a model as well as an influencer through her Instagram and collaboration work with brands such as John Lewis. Not just that, she is also a mother of two – making the school runs and hockey games look chic! A fabulous lady full of Powder Power – we’re delighted to have her on board!