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KK's Spring and Summer Must-Haves for a Beachy Getaway

As you may or may not know I was in Florida a few weeks back, enjoying the sunny sunshine and heat that it has to offer. I definitely do feel like spring is on the horizon here in Edinburgh though, so I’m not complaining.

Now, I’ll be honest, when I was packing for our trip away I didn’t put a whole ton of thought into the clothes I would bring. But what I did know was that I wanted to spend a good amount of time at the beach, meaning that I would need a selection of swimwear, a hat or two and several pairs of sunglasses. The only issue was that I didn’t have nearly as many options as I would have liked (and a girl needs options, am I right?!).

Literally two days before I jetted off I got the most beautiful package in the post from the lovely people at Powder with the exact items I needed for my beachy holiday. And also, when I say beautiful I mean beautiful. Each thing was packed in its own separate box or bag and it felt like Christmas Day opening everything.

The Pineapple Sarong – that you can wear in many, many different ways. I used it TONS, but as a skirt mostly. It was the perfect cover-up, great to throw on to grab a drink at the beach bar but just light enough to not feel too heavy. And the pattern on it though   I’m into bright colours as it is so it complemented my bikinis and tops perfectly. You could definitely also wear this as a scarf in the spring if you can’t wait for summer to arrive yet.

The Alexa Sunnies – I’m the kind of girl who wears the same sunnies on repeat. And sometimes this becomes a problem because they just don’t look good with what you’re wearing, you know?! These sunglasses saved me. They’re absolutely gorgeous and made everything that I was wearing look more put together. LOVE.
If you’re a round-faced gal like myself then these will work well for you because of the subtle cat-eye shape.
And also, they gave a really nice warm glow to everything I was looking at. I even made my husband wear them for a while and he agreed.

The Selma Hat – Not only do I have a round face but I have a super large head (sounds sexy, I know). This has become a massive issue for me in the past because I can never find hats that actually fit me. The hats I usually wear tend to be mens caps, which work because they cover my face but they don’t really look that nice. This hat from Powder was the one that changed everything. The sizing is adjustable so you can wear it whatever size your head is, hurrah! And I mean, just look at it. It’s the perfect beach hat!

All of these items were in amazing quality and I can’t recommend Powder’s clothing and accessories enough. If you’re looking for things for your next beachy getaway, they’ve got you- quite literally- covered!

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