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Shayne's Style in Starbank Park

When Powder got in touch with me to be one of their brand ambassadors I was delighted! I had come across their lovely collection of Printed Scarves and Wool Gloves a few times in John Lewis as well as in a couple of boutiques dotted around Edinburgh, always catching my eye with their distinctive paisley bags. While I already owned a couple of items, I knew that I could always do with more – especially with the colder weather coming into full force.

When I was asked to style three different looks, I was also asked where I would like to shoot. While Edinburgh can provide an array of stunning backdrops, from the cobbled streets of The Royal Mile, to the Museum of Scotland, or even Princes Street Gardens, I decided that we should shoot somewhere that was more personal to me – somewhere deserving of more exposure and as equally as beautiful as the locations mentioned above.

Starbank Park is a local park with a children’s nature trail and two little libraries, one for children and one for adults; it commands magnificent views over the Firth of Forth, as well as an array of geometrical flower and herb beds not to mention the glorious cherry blossom trees!

The Friends of Starbank Park is a community action group working with the City of Edinburgh Council to restore Starbank Park to its former glory. Since they started in 2013, the Friends have planted thousands of plants: trees, herbs, fruit trees, shrubs, ferns, herbaceous plants, bulbs and bedding plants. They’ve removed over 25 tonnes of tons of weeds from the flower beds, refurbished the outbuildings, built composting facilities and added tons of Starbank compost to improve our flower borders! They truly are friends of my local community and have created a space that is both ideal for walking Teddy – as well as for taking some stunning photos in Powder products!


As I already owned the Zara Wrap in Ice, I thought that it would be a good idea to include this in my first look and see what other items I could pair it with. It’s always nice to get an outsider’s perspective of what works well together – as soon as the team suggested pairing the Charlotte Hat in Ice, I knew that we were in for a winning look!

As much as I love the matching Charlotte Mittens, I opted for the Phillipa Faux Suede Gloves in Charcoal, this was simply due to the fact that the insides are so soft and cosy – plus, when Teddy is around you need all your fingers at your disposal! Not just that, the lovely soft faux fur detail helps make them a little bit more unique and open to comments from fellow walkers!

The team at Powder make a fabulous selection of scarves, ponchos and wraps – with the Zara Wrap in Ice already being a favourite of mine – I was delighted to find out that they also stock two more colours; Slate and Coral, as well as Camel and Berry. If anyone is looking to buy me gifts this festive season…at least one of these are on my list!

This is one of my favourite looks for throwing on in the morning – perfect for those long strolls with Teddy! I find that the Zara Wrap is like a great jacket – you can wear anything under it, yet still look fabulous – fantastic for a different option!


I adore this coat, I think it’s safe to say it’s one of my best purchases. The fact that it is monotoned means that it can go with pretty much everything and anything – however, that doesn’t mean to say I don’t put a little bit of thought and consideration into how I decide to style it. While many would call it a statement piece, and in many ways, it is, that doesn’t scare me from wearing my Cassandra Hat. The fluffy baubles are great for adding something a little bit quirky as well as a nice pop of colour amongst the structed grey trim.

From friends that I had spoken to, many of them knew of Powder and their fabulous sock collection – however, I’ve always thought of them for their Printed Scarves. As previously mentioned, it was their collection of Printed Scarves that first caught my eye when I was out and about shopping – always having the ability to look stunning from far away and even better close-up - where you can see the detail.

The Leaf Outlines Printed Scarf is one of my favourites for the autumnal months, especially as we transition into winter. The combination of the warm mustard mixed in with cool blue hues and scratched outlines reminds me of when the bitter cold frosts over all the fallen leaves. Stunning!


I think that the final look is my favourite, it really is a combination of the previous styles but wrapped up into one. As you can probably tell by now – I’m a huge fan of blue, the various shades helping to compliment each other. I think that is something that I do naturally, look for colours that differ just enough – yet still work together. 

It can always be a challenge to find sunglasses that work for my face; it seems I'm either looking for a great pair of boots in the autumn - or a great pair of sunglasses in the summer. Luckily, I've had these Cream Tortoiseshell Aurora Sunglasses since last summer and I've never looked back! It would be nice to have another pair in a similar shape - just to mix it up - I'll be on the lookout for when Powder drop their next batch!

It was Raechel McGinn from the previous blog who inspired me to go for one of these Katie Hats - she is totally right when she references their ability to be folded up and popped into your bag - ideal for sunny escapes! Powder seem to do them in every colour - so there is one for everyone!

The splashes of pink and purple in the Watercolour Hare Printed Scarf allows for the right amount of difference to really help it stand out. It was for this reason that I opted for the Gertrude Suede Gloves in Teal, as you may notice – the gloves have a lovely purple detail – helping to enhance the scarf just a little more than before.

You can shop all three on of my looks on the Powder website today by clicking the links throughout the text or the items mentioned below! If you're interested in the Friends of Starbank Park group, and your based in Edinburgh, why not enquire about their volunteer gardening parties at the park every Wednesday and Saturday morning from 10.00 to 11.30? Find out more on how to join them for a rewarding, enjoyable and healthy morning in the fresh air here! Are you inspired to visit or volunteer at your own local park? It would be great to hear how you get involved in your community and how you keep cosy in all of these fabulous Powder accessories!


Shayne Brodie is one of our newest brand ambassadors here at Powder; inspiring others on the power of grey hair throughout her Instagram page as well as being represented as a model with Colours Agency! She is also the mother of two daughters, Jessica and Annabelle - as well as to her beautiful doggy, Teddy! Another lady full of Powder Power!