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Shayne Brodie's Christmas Gifting

I don’t know about you all, but I still can’t believe that the festive season is here – let alone Christmas! The past 12 months have gone flying by, I’m still trying to catch up with everything. Luckily, if you’re feeling the same way and you're in need of a few extra items to add as stocking fillers this year – the team at Powder, as always, have a few lovely and unique things for you to choose from.

I always try not to over do it at this time of year, there is always such a pressure and stress that now seems to come with Christmas – and for me – that is not what the holiday period is about. It’s about family, getting together over a lovely dinner – sharing a few glasses of mulled wine and mince pies – as well as enjoying all the special local events!

This year, I wanted to get a couple of things for my girls that they could cherish – as I'm a strong believer that it doesn’t need to be something big in order for it to be something special.


I’ve always been one of those people to buy books for others, that has been no exception with my two daughters. Whether it’s a birthday or Christmas gift, a holiday read or something more academic – I’m of the opinion that you can never go wrong with a good book…even if they don’t like or read it, you never know who’s hands it may go to next!

Kat Banyard is an admirable young activist who used to work for the Fawcett Society, an organisation that campaigns for equality between men and women. Since then she has written two books, one released in 2016 called Pimp State, with The Equality Illusion being published in 2010 and described as a "wake-up call". I thought it would be a perfect gift for Jessica and something that she would love to get her teeth stuck into.

The A-Z Ankle Socks by Powder makes for the perfect accessory to get curled up with while reading, they’re so soft – and unique to each letter – making the ideal little extra! I love the mixture of pink and yellow in the ‘J’ socks – bright and colourful!

If you can’t tell how soft and cosy the Mhari Scarf is by the picture, just wait until you feel it! It is the perfect scarf for getting wrapped up in on the colder days and nights! Plus, its so big, I can tell that Jessica will never want to take it off. This is the navy and teal mix, however it also comes in a mustard and pink mix which is equally as stylish!


Again, keeping with the theme of books – and not being one that I have read myself, yet hearing all the buzz about it when it was first released, I decided to go for Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg for Annabelle. The Facebook COO and one of Fortune magazine's Most Powerful Women in Business, Sheryl Sandberg, draws on her own experience of working in some of the world's most successful businesses and looks at what women can do to help themselves, and make the small changes in their life that can effect change on a more universal scale. Great for some inspiration heading into the New Year!

While I admired the colours of the ‘J’ A-Z Sock previously, I have to say, that personally – the ‘A’ Ankle Sock is in a fabulously festive shade of red, with the blue detail at the top making an almost frosty effect! Perfect for waking up with on Christmas morning!

Annabelle also has a flare for fashion and style, as I’m sure you’ll be able to tell from her Instagram page. Because of this, I thought that she would simply love the Powder Wendy Hat in charcoal – I’m also hoping that she’ll let me borrow it from time to time!


Now, Christmas isn’t Christmas without treating yourself – even just a little bit! I’ve got a bit of a theme going on with the A-Z Ankle Socks – not wanting to feel left out when we all get together!  The difference being that I popped them into this beautiful china mug by Mandy Billington, an illustrator who specialises in recreating historic buildings and antiques and transferring images onto fine bone china and textiles.

The illustrated building on my mug is Etruria Hall in Staffordshire, once being the home of the potter and entrepreneur, Josiah Wedgewood. I loved the colour of yellow, finding it to match both my A-Z Socks as well as my Printed Scarf!

You can find more of Mandy's beautiful ceramics on her website or through her etsy page - ideal for adding into someone's socking this Christmas - be that your own or someone else’s! 

As well as my Powder A-Z Socks, I also picked up their Forest Hare Printed Scarf! To be honest with you, yellow is not normally a colour I would wear, however, the mustard shade makes it slight easier to pull off – great for adding a bit of sunshine to your winter style!


I’ve also asked the team to link you all to some of my wish list items below!

The first is the Zara Wrap in Camel and Berry; if you had read my previous Powder blog, you would have seen me wear my Zara Wrap in Ice – because I love it so much and because the colourings are so different – I had to pop the Camel and Berry one in there!

Not unlike Annabelle, I would also fancy myself a Wendy Hat but in the Olive shade! I think that it would be something that would be great to wear at all times of the year!

With all this cold weather, you might think I’m mad for popping in a more summery item – however, I do love this Jungle Print Jacket, it would be perfect for sunnier escapes! Hello cheap flights in January!

You also can't go wrong with a pair of long-socks at this time of year, the Fair Isle print looking very festive!


Shayne Brodie is one of our newest brand ambassadors here at Powder; inspiring others on the power of grey hair throughout her Instagram page as well as being represented as a model with Colours Agency! She is also the mother of two daughters, Jessica and Annabelle - as well as to her beautiful doggy, Teddy! Another lady full of Powder Power!