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Recipe: Easy Easter

We’ve all been there, whether it’s a birthday or Christmas, a baby shower or Easter…there is always the need for a last minute cake or bake – but how long is last minute when you don’t have the time (or ingredients) available? Not just that, but so often specific times of the year additionally call for additional activities for the kids to get up to and for you to have a bit of peace and quiet. At Powder, we thought we’d share this helpful little solution that manages to feed two birds with one scone!
Our fabulously iced and styled Victoria Sponge Cake is perfect for bringing out at an Easter party, and is easy enough to let your kids take the reins with minimal effort from yourself!


140g Butter, softened
280g Icing Sugar
80g Mini Eggs
50g Dark Chocolate
Drop of Food Colouring

One pre-bought (or pre-made) cake of your choice to decorate.


After you’ve unwrapped your pre-bought cake; you’ll need to get started on your icing. Firstly, place the butter into a large mixing bowl before mixing it for 2 minutes until it is very light and fluffy.
From here you can gradually add the icing sugar and beat until the mixture is very pale and fluffy. Add a few drops of your chosen food colouring colour (we went for a festive blue – it also looks lovely as a natural light yellow colour, with no food colouring needed) beat the mix until it is smooth and well combined. Use a large spoon to cover your cake with the icing.

Once your cake is fully iced and covered, you can make a start on melting the chocolate. 
Firstly, use some grease-proof paper to cover a bowl – this will act as the base of the shape of the chocolate while it sets.
You can do melt the chocolate by using a microwave for a couple minutes, as we used dark chocolate, we opted for using the stovetop. Place chopped chocolate in the top of a heatproof bowl set over (not in) a saucepan of simmering water; as you stir occasionally you will begin to see the chocolate melt.
Once the chocolate is fully melted, drip it over the top of the bowl before letting it set hard in the fridge.

After around 30 minutes, take the chocolate out the fridge and start to break it off from the grease-proofed paper bowl. Start to create your chocolate nest in the centre of the iced cake.
Once your nest is ready, the final step is to add the mini eggs in the centre of the chocolate nest – using any left over to decorate around the edge of the cake.

We would love to hear how you get on with this easy and fun recipe for those last minute guests or for a sweet treat to keep the kids busy! Don’t forget to tag us in any photos of you and your Powder accessories on Instagram by using the hashtag #powderuk too!