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Raechel McGinn's Christmas Gifting

While not for everyone, I love shopping for presents over the festive season! It can always be such a challenge and a pleasure to think about what to get people, always wanting to make sure that I’m able to get gifts that are original, personal – and most importantly of all – gifts that will be loved, appreciated and well-used.

All too often, people feel the need to buy things for the sake of buying, thinking, "…well, at least I’ve got them something!" That is not me at all – which is why, when looking for those lovely little extras, I headed straight to Powder! The fact that all their products are unique and well-made, means that – not only do they make a lovely gift – they also make a lovely gift that can be loved and used on a daily basis.


Whenever shopping for my mum, I always hear that phrase, “my mum deserves the world but all I can afford is a scented candle!" Luckily, I know for a fact that my mum is obsessed with Powder – she was even more excited than me when finding out that the Powder team had asked me to become a brand ambassador (she’s “borrowed” so many items already)!

I know that she’s always admired the A-Z Sock range that they do – always presented so beautifully in the large display boxes – however, I don’t think she ever felt like she could just buy a pair for herself! After receiving numerous comments from her on my ‘R’ pair, I just knew I had to get an ‘A’ for her!

Keeping on the theme of socks – because you can never have too many – especially when Powder make them with bamboo for extra softness – I decided to pick up one of their beautifully packaged Sock Gift Boxes for mum too! This one is their Orchid Sock Gift Box, with three lovely pairs of Ankle Socks coming in shades of mint, pink and orange! Perfect for a pop of colour!


I’m not going to lie, I didn’t actually know that Powder did a children’s line… I know, I know – have I been living under a rock? Anyways, I wanted to pick up a little extra for my niece and spotted these lovely little Mittens! They come in both a blue and a cream colour – I took forever to choose between the two – but finally decided on the cream! Ideal for keeping her little fingers and hands nice and cosy on the colder days!


Not unlike having to choose a colour of Mittens for my niece, the same situation happened for choosing Gloves for my gran! Why do Powder make so many lovely things in so many lovely colours! The only way I could justify buying two pairs of the Betty Wool Gloves is if I bought her a Printed Scarf with both shades running through it, going for the lovely Umbrella Chums Printed Scarf! She’ll love mixing it up – I just know it! (Feel like that pink pair will be kept for very special occasions!)


I figured it was about time to introduce my boyfriend to the world of Powder! Unlike my ignorance of their kids’ accessories, I did know that they supplied men’s socks – and after coming across the Men’s Fox Gift Box, I knew it would be the perfect little extra to add to his stocking!

GLOVES FOR MY SISTER...and a little something for me!

It wasn’t until I spotted this pair of Violet Wool Gloves that I knew I had to get them for my sister! I love unexpected gift buying like that – when you see something so perfect for someone you know – and you just have to get it! Made with 100% wool, I’m safe in the knowledge that these ladies’ gloves will be keeping her hands nice and cosy even on the coldest of days!

As you might’ve noticed, there are a couple of items in there that I just had to treat myself with! The first is their Parisian Scene Sock Gift Box, which I had spotted on their social media pages – because stylish socks never go wrong…unique and useful!

The second is this stunning Dream Catcher Necklace in Rose Gold by The Quad Collection! They’re another brand that I found out about because of their involvement in Powder’s social media pages! When you see something that is so ‘you’ you just know you have to get it!


Another thing about shopping with Powder, at this time of year especially, is the fact that all of their products – even when buying online – come in their own complimentary gift packaging! While I’ll still be wrapping everything up, it makes life so much easier when you don’t also have to think about buying more bags to put things in – especially as that’s all you seem to do during the run up to Christmas and on the day!

Are you feeling inspired? What are some of your favourites from my list? Don’t forget to follow all of Powder’s social media pages, as I know they’re running special offers up until 12th December as part of their #12daysofpowder event! You can click on the links to be taken to their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages!

Raechel McGinn is one of our newest brand ambassadors here at Powder, not only is she a model with Superior Model Management and an Instagram page full of wanderlust, she is also a student, and the business owner of Eyeconic Beauty! Our kind of lady - full of Powder Power!