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New Year, New Style with Melanie Rae

While I always aim to reflect on life at different points throughout the year, it’s almost impossible not to feel a sense of newness when a new one comes around. This feels especially prominent now that I have been asked to be a Brand Ambassador for the team at Powder – a very exciting prospect for the start of the new year!

I was delighted when they reached out to me on my Instagram page; it’s one of these things that I love doing myself and is always lovely when people comment or get in touch to let me know that they appreciate it. The prospect of hand picking out Powder accessories and curating outfits around them was right up my street – you style yourself every morning, but to actually do it in the knowledge that it was something for other than purely dressing myself was quite motivating!

The first thing to do, of course, was to pick out a selection of products! Powder have such a vast range, that really, there is something for everyone. For example, one day you could be thinking of an easy country-living look, another could see you keeping your style more minimal and Scandinavian, they also do beautiful prints that give off a very bohemian and festival style too – perfect for the summer.

Have a look below at some of my favourite Powder items and see how I have decided to style them to help get my New Year off to a new start! 


As I am Edinburgh based myself, I was delighted to take the shoot to a few of our local streets, the first of which being Circus Lane in Stockbridge. I had noticed that the Powder team had previously shot here with Raechel McGinn, to be honest with you – it is one of my favourite streets to walk along, always strolling through on beautiful sunny days, even if it takes me slightly longer to get to my destination.

For my first outfit, I wanted to show a casual day look, keeping things bright and fresh for the new year. Obviously, as it is January you still need to be kept wrapped up – especially in Scotland – which is why I’ve got both my Charlotte Hat and Mittens on! I was very lucky to get them both before they sold out, there is something about the charcoal colour that makes them look even more expensive than they actually are, the lovely chunky knit helping to enhance this further.

I’ve paired it with the Astrid Scarf in the Teal Mix, as much as I love both the Hat and Scarf combination from their Astrid Range, for me I feel like the stand-alone items make it more of a statement piece. I think that is one of the great things about each of the items from Powder – they are all so original and sometimes you just need to pair them in a way to help enhance that.

I love this fluffy coat too, the cream colour makes the whole outfit seem new and fresh – plus, the pockets are a good size for keeping all those handy little extras in when you don’t have a bag on you (a rare occasion)! With a nice chunky knit, a pair of skinny jeans as well as these lovely brown suede boots, it makes for a perfect everyday look.


There was a light down pour of rain when we were shooting, just enough time to pick up a coffee at a local coffee shop called The Pantry and have a change of clothing. I always think of rain as a symbol of new beginnings, washing away the old in time for a new start. My second style had the intention of being a slightly more formal look – there is no better way to achieve this than with something black – in this case both my polo neck and knee-high boots.

It wasn’t until I had had a look though some of the photographs taken that I realised how much of a city-street-style this outfit was. I think it may have something to do with the Powder Wendy Hat in Olive – it always seems to be that way with fedora hats, the moment you pop one on you either feel like a travelling-blogger-girl or a this case I hope it’s the former! One of the great things about the Wendy Hat is the fact that you can easily adjust the size of the rim in order to fit your head shape – ideal for when the wind hits! Come to think of it, the elastic ribbon would also come in handy when you are travelling – all you would need to do is attach it to your bag.

I’m still of the opinion that once Christmas is over and the New Year is here, we should start to see brighter days with the need for less layers and more sunscreen. Unfortunately, I believe that it was last March when we had a snow storm, proving that when you live in the UK – we may have seasons, but they’re all over the place. Regardless, living in Scotland means that having a trusty pair of gloves in your bag never goes wrong. For this look, I really enjoyed pairing the Lizzy Wool Gloves in Pea Green with the Wendy Hat - helping to compliment the different shades of green.

My conclusion at the end of this styling session is that I may have to book up cheap flights to get some sunshine, or at least hit the streets of Amsterdam, Berlin or Copenhagen to do the cold weather, city-style, true justice.


My final choice of ensemble is a very much a rich and cosy look, perfect for the weekend – wearing a few more daring choices that aren’t always practical or appropriate for the everyday! The colour palette was mainly inspired by the Maggie Scarf in a Tangerine Mix, tying in the beautiful muted tones of camel, purple, and orange. It was because of these muted tones I felt that I could have a bit more fun with my animal print boots and belt – always trying to get the balance right – plus, they’re two of my favourite items from my closet, so any excuse to wear them is fine by me!

Along with the Powder Maggie Scarf, I also decided to wear the Rebecca Arm Warmers; I really like the button detail – again, this is something that Powder always seem to do so well – knowing exactly where the details matter!

While I may have been complaining about the need for warmer and sunnier weather in my last look, for this one I’m purely embracing it. Wrapping up in a trusty camel coat, matching fine-knit sweater, as well as black jeans. For this outfit, I can imagine spending weekends taking my kids out for lunch (Pizza Express is always a favourite), perhaps a light bit of shopping, catching up with friends or enjoying a long Sunday brunch date.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed my three outfit choices and that I’ve helped to inspire you a little when thinking about your style choices going into the new year. It can be difficult to juggle everything, but I think that taking some time in the morning to put together some of your classic and trusted pieces can really help get your day off to a good start!


As one of our newest Brand Ambassadors here at Powder, Melanie Rae has always had a flare for style, working as a model as well as an influencer through her Instagram and collaboration work with brands such as John Lewis. Not just that, she is also a mother of two – making the school runs and hockey games look chic! A fabulous lady full of Powder Power – we’re delighted to have her on board!