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Made for Mothers Day Gift Guide

It’s funny how things work out; with one daughter newly moved back to Glasgow, and the other starting to follow her passions - it was lovely to meet up with them both one weekend along with the team at Powder! Little did I know that they had both selected a few items from the latest Spring/Summer 2019 Collection to gift me with - a little early Mothers Day celebration! I’m delighted that both Jessica and Annabelle know me so well, treating me to coffee and sweet treats at one of my favourite local spots - Jacs Coffee Van situated in Victoria Park! While all of the items were absolutely stunning and beautifully gift wrapped - I’m sure more than a few of you will agree at how much just spending time with those that are important to you means. Its events like this that provide the perfect moment in time to reflect on where you all are, where you’ve been, and where you plan to go next! There is nothing like a good catch up with my two, always bringing stories and laughter, advice, hopes and dreams getting put onto the table! I was delighted that the Powder team managed to come along to capture some of our shared moments.

I love the fact that Lisa designs accessories that can be worn and look fabulous on people of any age - I’m sure we’ve all raided our mothers/sisters/friends closets at some point - finding special items and styling them your own way. Lisa has seemed to capture the very essence of this - ideal for this time of year! We also took a quick set of images for another future blog displaying just that! 

If you’re a little unsure of what to gift at this time of year, I wouldn’t look further than one of Powders Printed Scarves - this Poppy Print is gorgeous - the colours remind me of a particular cocktail best enjoyed on the beach with the sunset reflecting on the waves of the sea. The scarves can equally be worn with a light jacket to brighten up your look at home, or it could additionally make for a beautiful statement piece while styling your holiday outfits. I especially enjoyed reading though the recent blog post by Melanie Rae who paired each of the Printed Scarves with their real-life flower counterparts - ideal for something for the moment and something to last.

I don’t know about you, but I think that Annabelle had something to do with picking out this Monkey Satin Square - I couldn’t help but admire her Elephant Satin Square - borrowing it from time to time! I love the fact that it feels and looks more expensive than it actually is - plus, as I’m vegetarian, I’m always looking for scarves that are made from satin rather than silk - with the Monkey Satin Square bringing together lovely rich golden and fuchsia shades!

Not only did I get treated to these two pairs of Bamboo Ankle Socks - the Rubber Duck and Dancing Elephant are so cute and quirky - but I also was gifted with a stunning Ankle Sock Gift Box! The girls were so sweet to wrap everything up for me, that being said - all of the Powder packaging is simply stunning and is almost better than any wrapping paper you could pick up!

Is anyone else more than ready for some summer sunshine? Luckily, we don’t really have that long to wait! Some of the days that we have beeb getting already have been filled with bright rays of sunshine - the days are getting brighter and the nights are getting shorter! Therefore, I can’t be so surprised that the girls picked out a pair of these stunning Roxanne Sunglasses! They come in both a tortoiseshell as well as an indigo/beige colour! I was a little unsure of how they would fit my face, as the style isn’t one that I would usually wear - however, after trying them on I’m completely in love!

Talking of summer, the last item of the list was this stunning Elephant Print Bag in a very light pink! The golden print is perfect for adding a touch of glamour to your look! I can’t wait to take it to the beach or pool - while also styling it up to take it on a night out! There’s nothing like versatility - especially when packing for the holidays!

How will you be spending your Mothers Day? I hope that this guide has been helpful for some of you! Powder have such a great selection of accessories, I'm more than positive that you'll be able to find the perfect gift unique as the receiver! A huge thank you to my two girls as well as the team at Powder - what a fabulous start to Mothers Day!

Shayne Brodie is one of our newest brand ambassadors here at Powder; inspiring others on the power of grey hair throughout her Instagram page as well as being represented as a model with Colours Agency! She is also the mother of two daughters, Jessica and Annabelle - as well as to her beautiful doggy, Teddy! Another lady full of Powder Power!