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Lisa's Edit: Summer Floral Inspiration

Hello my Powder Pals!
It’s jolly good to be back at it after the New Year – as if I ever stop! The whole Powder team have been fabulous at putting all the finishing touches on the Spring/Summer 2019 Collection, making sure it was ready to be available in stores and online by mid-January. To make this year extra special, I wanted to add something a little extra into the mix – a behind the scenes peak into the Powder-world!
Whenever I’m creating a new collection, I always remind myself of what makes Powder…Powder! From brightly coloured prints to soft pastel tones – not forgetting the occasional cute and quirky sock! It’s important to me that I design pieces that each of my customers are going to love and cherish – keeping everything unique but also new and original.
I’ve always got my working hat on, even when I’m out and about with Flossie or doing the usual food shop – my mind is always looking for things that jump out at me or that I can develop further. Walking past one of my favourite flower shops, taken in by the gorgeous shapes, colours, and small details, suddenly turns into ideas for my Printed Scarves and more! It’s impossible not to feel inspired when there is so much beauty around you – even when at first you don’t realise it!

My Summer Floral Print is one of those that is a combination of how I felt after passing that flower shop and suddenly feeling inspired; I wanted it to evoke feelings of newness and possibility – being feminine but unapologetically so – mixing in the classic Powder colours of pink, teal, and mustard!
In fact, I loved this design so much that I popped it into more than one product – from the classic Summer Floral Jacket to the matching Summer Floral Bag! Plus, I also decided to make the design bigger and bolder, placing it into two Printed Scarves – one in turquoise and one in slate!
It’s always fun to play around with a new collection, looking at each individual product and knowing that there is a whole story behind it! From there, you’re able to look at it in a different light – perhaps changing how you style it, or how you feel when you wear it!

I’m looking forward to the warmer weather and showing all you chaps what else we have in the Spring/Summer 2019 Collection – giving you an extra insight into an item, or how I would personally style it! There’s a lot to be excited for!
Lisa xx