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Feeling Festive at Forgan Arts Centre

Did you enjoy our blog post about our adventures in St Andrews? There was one little detail of our day that we left out of that blog post and decided to create another dedicated entirely to it! Part of the reason we felt so festive after our trip was all thanks to the wonderful Forgan Arts Centre where we visited their Christmas Open Gallery event!

Forgan Arts Centre is a thriving hub rooted in the community and strives to offer educational and cultural opportunities to people of all ages and abilities, in an environment that enriches well-being. Established in 1978, the Centre offers a wide variety of modern and traditional classes and events to the residents of Newport-On-Tay and surrounding towns and villages. Weekly classes include  Pottery, Upholstery, Jewellery, Painting, Dressmaking, Charcoal drawing, Printing, Stained Class, Watercolour, Photography, Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom classes, and more! Take a look below at just some of the work by artists and craftmakers that was being displayed on the day!

Heather Gilbert has been teaching locally in Scotland for over 15 years, covering all methods of making, from hand building techniques such as coiling, pinching and slab work, to throwing pots on the wheel! We love her beautiful collection, all the magical shapes and colours coming together as one! 

We love these strange and the beautiful little canvas paintings by Coramantic, also known as Yvonne Stewart. She takes inspiration from little moments in life - sometimes her work is light and playful, yet other times it can be more sombre. Yvonne likes to tell stories through her work which includes abstract worlds and colorful creatures! We’d love to meet one or two of them!

Have a look at this amazing snowman! We love how the little bobbles of ‘snow’ have made up their body, not forgetting their scarf and hat combination! It may not be Powder, but it does still look cute and cosy! Maybe we should suggest a collaboration!

We are already imagining ourselves pairing some of this fabulous jewellery by East Nook Studio along with our own Powder wears! The clean design makes for a stunning contrast with one of our Printed Scarves or cosy knits! 

Alana Peden is the owner and designer at East Nook Studio; graduating from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art with a First class honors degree before taking on the role as Designer in Residence at Duncan of Jordanstone college of art and design, exhibiting her degree show collection ‘Mothers Cupboards’ in London, Glasgow and Dundee. Never one to sit around, she also runs the Forgan Arts Centre, all while leading workshops and talks on her practice, inspiring others with her unique approach to the design process and the use of opposing materials.

We were delighted that Alana had the time to share a mulled beverage with us while keeping wrapped up in her Astrid Scarf, Charlotte Hat, and Zandra Gloves! We love how the colour of her jacket matches in with the mustard of the scarf, with the fairy lights twinkling in the background making us all feel very cosy and festive - even though the weather was cold and frosty.


No smoke without fire! We then watched as watched as tutor Heather Gilbert and other advanced students demonstrated the process of decorating and firing their own raku pot! It was a fantastic process to see the change and development - we have to say, we were very inspired by some of the colours and patterns that they were able to organically make! 

There was also a fairy lit grotto that was set up, a perfect little creative escape for both kids and adults! We sure would love having something like this outside the're never too old for glitter glue and pipe cleaners! Ideal for making your own crafty Christmas decorations! 

Excuse us for going home and taking out our sketch books, glue sticks, pencil set and host of other creative stationary! If you'd like to find out more about this fantastic organisation, why not have a look on their website or Facebook page where they post regular updates on workshops and events! There's also links to each of the artists and craftmakers mentioned throughout the post if you'd like to find out more about them! 

You can also shop Alana's full set of Powder accessories when you click on the items linked below!