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Discovering Glasgow: Powder at Papyrus

Sometimes you just need a day trip in order to get outside your comfort zone, shift your focus on something else, or to simply enjoy time away with friends or family! As the Powder team are based it Edinburgh, we decided to venture through to Glasgow for the day – a short 40 minute train ride later – and we’re immediately thrust into the vibrant and bustling city centre!

While it had only been an hour or two since having our breakfast, we could feel our stomachs in need of a coffee and a light snack – heading to one of our favourite spots for a bite to eat! We decided to go for an old favourite, Artisan Roast on Gibson Street. It's the perfect location for people watching, especially when grabbing a coveted spot at the window.

After our coffee, we decided to have a walk by the River Kelvin until returning to the Main Street of Great Western Road, heading towards the Botanical Gardens and Byres Road. We couldn't have asked for better weather, with the sun shining and our Megan Sunglasses protecting our eyes, it was the perfect day for strolling and taking things easy. 

As we were in the area, we couldn’t not pop in to visit the fabulous Papyrus Gift Shop for a little browse and a chat (thank you Beth, Sophie, and Lynne)! Papyrus offer an eclectic range of contemporary, design-led gifts and accessories – it’s an absolute treasure chest of a collection, inspired by the latest trends! From beautifully smelling candles to a selection of books, there’s something for everyone! Of course, whenever we decide to pop-in and visit one of our local stockists, not only is it a pleasure to see all of the other items that they stock, it’s also an absolute joy to see our own Powder accessories being displayed so beautifully!

The Team at Papyrus are as much all about colour as we are; even as you pass their beautiful window displays - you'll be intrigued to venture in - taken in by the many bright and bold colours! We loved spotting this one with her Megan Sunglasses and Monkey Satin Square


From Satin Squares to Sunglasses, you'll be sure to be able to pick up your favourite accessories this summertime! Even as part of the Powder team, it's always fun to play around with our scarves - styling them in numerous ways - not to mention trying on every-single-pair of Sunglasses! If only we could buy them all!

If any of you are on the lookout for a beautiful, unique, and practical gift - look no further than at our pair of A-Z Socks! Each pair have their own monogrammed design, complete with a delicate pattern and letter of your choosing! 

As well as Powder accessories, Papyrus also has you covered for an array of cards and gifts - perfect for all ages! They additionally have a treasure trove of items down stairs in their Cook Shop that are perfect for inspiring you to get your bake-off on in the kitchen!

After exiting with our bags full, we decided to head towards The Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. It's always worth a visit - and is known to be one of Scotland's most popular visitor attractions. The hanging heads have to be one of our favourite exhibits - it's perhaps one of the galleries most iconic pieces too! Perhaps we should grab a couple for our next trade show? 

By the end of the day we were walked off our feet! Not that we didn’t love every second of it; from our first sip of coffee at Artisan Roast to admiring all of the lovely accessories, gifts, and cookware available at the fabulous Papyrus Gift Shop (not to mention our lovely little chats with the team), to taking in all that Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum had to offer, before a spot of lunch at Papercup – as well as the endless shopping from the West End to Buchanan Street! Still, we wouldn’t have done it any other way! Have you been inspired to take a trip to Glasgow? Or maybe just to another nearby city, town, or village? We would love to hear where you’ve gone to explore!