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Discovering Alnwick: Exploring the Emporium

What is one of the best ways to celebrate Mother’s Day? We’re sure that everyone’s answer will be different! From Spa Days, to Afternoon Teas, walks along the beach to special dinners – as long as it’s filled with flowers, presents and special moments – that’s what it’s all about! The Powder team thought that taking a train and going away for the day would be an ideal way to celebrate the occasion! We feel very lucky to not be too far away from some fabulous towns and villages; whether you’re looking for hills or the seaside, cobbled streets brimming with cafes and shops, or perhaps even a seasonal garden, a church or a castle or two…there certainly is something for everyone!

Just a short train journey away, the nearest stop being Alnmouth, Alnwick is home to the magnificent Alnwick Castle and the inspired Alnwick Garden. It was originally prospered as a medieval market town, and it still retains many of its cobbled streets, narrow alleys and fine stone buildings which now house a range of specialist shops, family businesses and some of the original coaching inns! We found it to be the perfect get-away, ideal for a day trip or long weekend! One of our first stops just so happened to be one of the largest second hand bookshops in the UK - Barter Books which is housed in the town's old railway station! There are lots of lovely hints back to its origins, with small steam trains running amongst the stories of books, the traditional signs from the past, as well as it's grand setting! Its a perfect place for a rainy day, getting cosied up by the real burning fire and having a cup of coffee or two while searching through the rows and rows of books! There is even a cafe if you happen to get a little peckish!



After we had had a look around the marvellous Barter Books and a short stroll around the towns centre, we found ourselves a little peckish. It was on this journey that we just so happened to come across one of the sweetest places we had ever been - literally. The Origami Cafe is one of those places that wouldn’t be unusual if it were in the bustling streets of somewhere like Glasgow or London, however, in the quaint town of Alnwick - it was something truly unique. Just a stones throw from the castle walls, looking out onto The Beehive antique store (another great find), this lovely little place offered a selection of cakes, tea, coffee, and - perhaps best for a slightly sunnier day - a range of exciting milkshakes! It was the perfect place to rest our feet, delve into some sweet treats, and take in all of the various decorations; from handmade origami to a wall of miniatures - the whole place was bursting with fun and creativity! A perfect spot!

The Origami Cafe just so happened to additionally be across the road from one of our fabulous stockists, The Emporium. The pale pastel pink of the exterior, mixed with the soft golden light from the interior made it ever-so-inviting (especially for the Powder crew!) It was there that we met with the wonderful Julie and Heather, having a good old chat while admiring the new Spring/Summer 2019 Collection that they had just newly merchandised! 

It’s always so lovely to get to hear feedback from our new collection, everyones tastes are so different and at Powder we always aim to make accessories with ‘something for everyone’ in mind! We were delighted to hear that aside from our best selling Seagrass Bags (both the Serena and the Bella), they additionally loved the pale pink Elephant Bag, with the gold reflecting off in the sunshine! Its the ideal bag for taking on holiday with you, easily dressed up as it is for a day at the pool!

Julie also shared her love for our Summer Floral Printed Jacket in Turquoise, it really is ideal for throwing on over any summer look - giving you that extra touch of Powder-style! 

Of course, no stockist of ours is complete without our full range of Sunglasses and Socks! Just look at all the different colours and styles! You know, as each of our products come with their own gift-packaging, more often than not Powder accessories made for an ideal present - perfect for if you’re struggling to find something different this Mothers Day! 

As we pulled ourselves away from their lovely company and beautiful display, we were reminded how lucky we are to do what we do! Designing and creating stunning products that are functional and practical as much as they are fun and stylish! 

While unfortunately the Castle was closed due to the season, we did manage to take a look around the famous Tree-House followed by the magnificent Alnwick Gardens! It was there that we came across this cheeky chappy! Like someone straight out of our Monkey Satin Square! Inspiration everywhere! 

We loved touring around and finished off the day by admiring some of the beautiful walks and quaint houses that stood by the waterside, it's always lovely to get to see places that are a little different - with Alnwick being no exception! It's the perfect place to spend the day, or even treat yourself to a leisurely weekend! If you're looking for a mixture of nature walks, classic castles (ideal for any Harry Potter fan), fabulous cafes and a wee bit of shopping - look no further than Alnwick! 

Is there somewhere that you would like the Powder team to visit next? We would love to hear about any stores or locations that you think deserve to be visited by us and for a blog piece to be written up! Like we say, there is nothing better than for us to get out there and get to meet all the people who help to make Powder what it is - highlighting the wonderful and unique cities, towns, and villages where you can find our fabulous products!