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Autumnal Street Style with Raechel McGinn

When I was first asked to be a brand ambassador for Powder, I had to mentally check off the accessories I already own along with the newer items I already had on my wish list. That’s one of the great things about Powder, every time I have a browse on their website, or pop into one of their stockists, there is always something that manages to catch my eye – with a whole outfit planned and coordinated in a few seconds – that’s why I knew that my first blog post would have to be one focused around street-style.

I know that it’s always nice to gain some inspiration for what to wear and how to wear it, I think that the important thing about style is that you make it your own. You should never have to try and fit yourself into a box, or aspired to look like someone else. Find what’s right for you and roll with it. The thing with Powder is that their range of accessories has the ability to look expensive, without having a designer price tag. It’s also nice to wear something that you can’t find in high-street stores; as well as online, Powder stock their products in some of the most enchanting boutiques – you know, the type of places where you go in for a browse and end up with half your festive presents sorted – as well as a few things for yourself!


Originally, we had planned a shoot through in Glasgow, the falling leaves against the backdrop of the Georgian architecture in Park Circus had me inspired from the get-go. Unfortunately, and not uncommon in the west of Scotland – the weather was forecast to be wet and windy – not ideal for a fashion shoot. Therefore, I drove along in my car to the Stockbridge area of Edinburgh, where the weather was dry and the choice of pretty streets and lanes were endless.

Coffee Raechel


The thing with my cosy Charlotte Hat is you can’t wear it without the Charlotte Mittens…and you can’t wear the Charlotte Mittens without the Charlotte Hat. It’s just they way it is – they’re the perfect pair! Luckily, I had both in cream – it’s such an easy colour to wear and goes with pretty much everything! For my first look I knew I had to include them both, creating a causal look that’s easy enough to throw on in the morning without much thought – ideal for when you keep reaching for the ‘snooze’ button on your alarm during the colder and darker days! My Whistles high-waisted, barrel jeans are by far one of my favourite pair, they’re so comfortable its ridiculous – and they go great with a chunky knit and pair of white Converse. I’ve got a Monki bag in a kind of patent tortoise, which is great for the essentials – phone, cards, keys, lip salve. And then, this gorgeous Warehouse trench coat in faux suede – it just finished off the whole look and feels amazing – perhaps not the warmest – but definitely one of my favourite purchases.

Raechel ONE

Raechel TWO

Raechel THREE


My second look is something that you can wear more over the weekend, when you’re ready to feel a bit more polished and heading out to meet up with friends or family over coffee or lunch. For me, it’s the look that I wear when I’m missing the summer sunshine – it has such a holiday feel to it – yet is still weather appropriate. I think it may be due to the Katie Hat in cream – it’s a number one holiday essential – the fact that you can just scrunch it up (I know – I didn’t want to at first either, but trust me) and just shove it at the top of your bag is ideal – especially if you’re an over-packer! While skinny jeans aren’t for everyone, I would always recommend getting a pair that have a bit of stretch to them – that way they’re able to look really fitted without costing too much. Again, this look is another easy one – just throw on the Tara Poncho over whichever sweater you decide to wear and that’s you done. Nice and easy. I’ve paired the look with some turquoise and silver jewellery as well as a tan bag – it just helps to tie the look together and adds a bit of my own personal style. For days when the sun doesn’t know if it’s coming or going (or if you’re just struggling with the day) I’ve also just popped on my Alexa Sunglasses!

Raechel FIVE

Raechel SIX

Raechel SEVEN

Raechel EIGHT

Beware – if you’re out for drinks with friends while wearing this and someone suggests a spontaneous trip abroad – don’t be surprised – and don’t rush to book until at least one of you has sobered up! Trust me, it will happen.


I think my last look might just be my favourite; it’s a very extra, fashion-forward style – ideal for both city-breaks and business meetings! First of all, the Wendy Fedora Hat is one of my favourites – so much so that I have one in two colours – Coral and Charcoal! Don’t worry – the Olive and Slate shade are both on my list! Not only do they look great, you can also adjust the fit depending on your head size and shape! It’s these little touches that help to make Powder as unique as it is! As I had just bought myself a Na-kd tailored coat in black, I knew that I wanted to keep my look very monochrome – with a black roll neck and a pair of checked cigarette trousers – but with the accessories really popping and making a statement. That’s why my Coral Wendy Hat made an appearance (doesn’t it match well with the Powder bag? Also, obsessed with their packaging), as well as the Philipa Glove in a Rose shade. I was a little worried that they wouldn’t match, but they turned out to compliment each other very well – for this reason I went ahead and threw on my Morag Scarf in Damson! Three shades of pink – but I made it work.

Rachel NINE

Raechel TEN

Raechel ELEVEN

Which look is your favourite? Is there one that you would rush to wear over another? Or maybe you would tweak it your own way? It was such a fun experience to share my style with the team at Powder and create three looks that really helped to encapsulate my winter wardrobe. Cannot wait to see what other designs they come up with in the future – I’m sure that there’ll be many more for me to fall in love with!


Raechel McGinn is one of our newest brand ambassadors here at Powder, not only is she a model with Superior Model Management and an Instagram page full of wanderlust, she is also a student, and the business owner of Eyeconic Beauty! Our kind of lady - full of Powder Power!